All People Free works toward freedom for all people held under systemic oppression in Pakistan

Our Story

All People Free is our saying YES to the call to liberate people through education and empowerment as well as to solve the systemic problem by finding productive solutions for the Brickyard owners. With strong relationships already in place in the education, business, media, religious and political sectors of Pakistan, there is a great opportunity for substantial change to occur in the coming years – the time is ripe and movement has begun. Pakistan is the key to seeing an industry-wide change in the neighboring countries who share the problem.

Our friends, Dr. Harold & Linda Eberle, have been first-hand witnesses to the suffering of the Pakistani people who are enslaved in the brickyards. With their hands full with the important work they are part of, they felt a passion to find someone to spearhead a movement to end the problem of indentured servitude that keeps 2.1million people (mostly children) enslaved under heavy hands in impossible conditions.  In April 2018, they asked us to spearhead that movement.   We believe global emancipation is inevitable! All People Free.

Meet Our team



Ben is the co-founder of All People Free. He is a visionary leader with a passion to see those enslaved in Pakistan liberated and set on a path of hope. His drive to connect people to accomplish a vision is unmatchable and his experience in business, ministry and finance create the ‘perfect storm’ to get it done!



Romay is the co-founder of All People Free. She is a compassionate force, with a strong sense of justice and a heart to set the captives free. Raised in Kelowna, BC, Canada, she moved to the USA when she married Ben in 2004.  Prior to All People Free, Romay has served as an associate pastor for 7 years while homeschooling their 3 children.

Harold & Linda have been working in the Middle East for over 10 years and have a daily 1-hour TV show in Pakistan. Harold has written more than 25 books and is well-known internationally as an author and speaker. Linda retired from teaching elementary school in 2015. She is a world-class administrator who connects people everywhere she goes. They have raised three children, been married more than 40 years, and currently travel full time speaking together around the world.

Patty is a graduate student at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and holds a BSc in Human Services from the University of Delaware. She serves as Communications Coordinator & Grant Writer for All People Free.

Christina is an ambassador of All People Free, is originally from Pakistan, and has a passion to see the enslaved empowered and liberated. She has extensive experience as a trainer in the URDU language, and her work has included assignments in the Department of Defense, the FBI, and other government organizations. She and her husband live in NW Washington.

Shahid is from rural Pakistan and resides in Vancouver, BC. He has a unique perspective on the brickyards since his grandfather and generations before him were enslaved. His family is one of the few who managed to work their way out of slavery for a brighter future. He is an ambassador for All People Free and helps with language and cultural communications, as well as financial accountability.

Rehan is an engineer by trade who has been pastoring a Pakistani community in Vancouver, BC for more than 20 years. He serves as an advisor for All People Free.

Stan is a pastor and educator residing in Idaho. He has been working to start schools in Pakistan since 2010, providing education to more than 600 children who would otherwise be enslaved. In 2019, All People Free partnered with Stan to establish a Secondary School.

Josh resides in Abbotsford, BC with his wife and five children. With more than 20 years experience as an IT adminstrator and web developer, Josh manages our technical department.

Casey and his family live in NW Washington where he works as a designer for a prominent Washington, DC-based technology firm. He created the All People Free brand and continues to help shape the brand of All People Free.

Todd is a Financial Advisor based in Yakima WA. He is passionate about helping those in need and currently serves as an ambassador for All People Free.

Avlon Accounting, located in Bellingham WA, along with the APF Financial Team oversee all financial aspects.

Bonnie serves as a board member for All People Free, as well as a member of the Financial Team, working to keep the finances of All People Free accountable. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business and currently works developing residential real estate. She and her family live in NW Washington.

Jeremy is a board member and Financial Team member for All People Free. He holds a graduate degree in Management from Texas A&M and has 20 years experience in business development. He and his family reside in NW Washington.

Due to safety concerns our Pakistani based Partners are not named directly on our website.

Partnerships include those working in the brickyards as slaves, teachers, Lawyers, pastors of churches, Imams, Brickyard owners, TV networks, educators, politicians, and more. We work through partners that are in Pakistan and support the work they are doing. All Pakistani partners are required to meet the transparency requirements set forth by All People Free

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