Covid-19 Relief Fund

Help us provide emergency food and supplies

COVID in the Brickyards

The Covid-19 crisis has impacted every one of us, and it’s implications are complicated in the regions that we are serving. Kiln closures and partial closures put our friends out of the work they need to survive day to day.

A day without work is often also a day without food, leaving them even more vulnerable than ever.

In their own words, “we are left to wait for the virus or for starvation.”

We have an army of helpers mobilized to provide food and aid, as well as help people register for government relief. We can do MORE GOOD TOGETHER!

Just $10 feeds a family for a week.

Please donate $10 here.

1 mil
People are enslaved in the brickyards of Pakistan

Whole families have been enslaved for generations due to the vicious cycle of debt and poverty

$ 1
Is the average daily wage in the brickyards.

Brickyard owners charge families more for housing than they pay them in wages, effectively ensuring they never leave the brickyard

1 %
Of working children have never been to school

Without an education, children have no chance to find opportunity outside the brickyards

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