2020: A Year of Freedom

A peek into our goals for this year:

  • Provide education for at least 840 new students. Education is the hope for a future outside of the brickyards for the children living in slavery. Just $50 provides education for a child for an entire year.
  • Help at least 200 people gain their freedom from the brickyards. Often we encounter families that need immediate relocation from the brickyards for their own health and safety. We help cover their debt, arrange relocation, and assure that they have a sustainable way of providing for themselves and their families. Family brickyard debts most commonly range between $500-$1000, but can get as high as $4,000.
  • Buy a brickyard. Purchasing a brickyard will give us a way to provide freedom to those enslaved, create jobs with fair wages, and allow us to implement technology that will impact the overall system of how bricks are made in Pakistan. We see this as a crucial step toward a  changing the systems that promote slavery.
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