All People #DeserveToBe Free

We believe that all people deserve to be free. But, free from what? 

Free from oppression. Free from power structures that hold them in bondage. Free to choose the life they want to work towards. We believe all people deserve to be free simply because they are human.

You know those times you are woken up long before your alarm, and then all day you mention that you got up “so early” – it kind of marks the day, right? Especially as a parent, when your child stumbles into your room ready for breakfast at some ungodly hour, you just sit and stew in the injustice of it all! We don’t deserve to be woken up so early! We deserve enough sleep to function! It’s a basic human right! At least in my world, getting enough sleep is crucial.

However, this is not the case for millions of people around the globe, and specifically Pakistan where All People Free is currently working. Over 2 million people wake their children up in the wee hours of the morning to head out to the brickyards to hand make bricks, often under threat by the owners. This is a reality we might have a hard time connecting to, yet we must try. We have the resources and the ability to make a lasting change for those that don’t get to experience the same freedom as us, and all people deserve to be free. 

No one deserves to be under the heavy weight of oppression just because they exist, but many of the children of Pakistan have found themselves in that situation through no fault of their own. We are dedicated to eradicating the power structure that holds this system up by proving a better way. Not by oppressing the oppressors, but by showing a way that is more efficient and profitable so that ALL people can indeed, be free.  

Freedom can be achieved one person at a time and we are working to liberate individual families every single day. We also want to put a nail in the coffin of the power structure that holds entire generations in bondage–the system that says people are property that can be used and abused and discarded. All People Free is raising money to buy a brickyard and brick-making machines to prove to the industry that human slavery is not the answer to efficiency, quality, and profitability in brickmaking. Change is happening, and all people deserve to be free.

This year, we are using this hashtag #deservetobe as a reminder that we are all connected in our shared humanity. We deserve to be, to exist, to live. We deserve to be happy, to be together, to be safe. As humans, we all deserve to be free to build the lives we want, and right now it’s our mission to bring that freedom to those that don’t have it. We all #deservetobe.

We invite you to join us in using this hashtag and fill in the blank yourself. We all #deservetobe _________. What is true for you and those you love?

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