Hope in the Midst of Covid-19

In the midst of Covid-19, we have seen some amazing acts of courage and comradery that are giving us hope.

All People Free has made temporary shifts in focus to be able to respond to the immediate needs of the families we normally support through education, skills training, and small business loans. Our team has quickly risen to the occasion, putting every effort into caring for those most vulnerable during this time. Here’s some things we’ve been able to do:

  • Our sewing students have made over 3000 masks to be distributed to families to help them stay healthy through the spread of the virus. 
  • Our teachers and partners began making sanitizer to be distributed to those in the brickyards who can’t access or afford these basic sanitation supplies. 
  • Our team organized mobile testing for Covid-19 symptoms and simultaneously distributed masks in one village, and we hope to see that duplicated in more villages soon. 
  • With your help, we’ve delivered food to 20 families and we hope to quickly increase that number to 400 in the coming days. 
  • Through all of these efforts, we’ve been able to continue providing support and work to our partners and teachers and we are so honored to work alongside them during these times.

To learn more about what we are doing in response to Covid-19, or to donate, click below.

In the midst of these uncertain times, it is more than just our own efforts we are paying attention to. We are encouraged to see humanity coming together to respond to the needs of those around us. We believe that we are in this together, and we are honored to be in it with some amazing organizations who are also doing work all over the globe to keep people safe, fed, healthy, and protected during these times–and beyond. Below is a round-up of some great organizations that are giving us hope and inspiring us as we continue working hard throughout this crisis.

World Food Program:

The World Food Program is committed to combating hunger around the world. For populations already experiencing food crisis, Covid-19 has pushed beyond their limits. According to their most recent numbers, the possibility exists that those experiencing a crisis of food security could double by the end of the year to a staggering quarter of a billion people without food. It is times like these where we find hope in organizations like the WFP who are doing everything in their power to provide food to those most in crisis.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic causes border closures, travel restrictions and supply chain complexities never faced before, the World Food Programme (WFP) must find ways to continue saving and changing the lives of the most vulnerable.”

Read More: https://www.wfpusa.org/articles/the-three-waves-of-hunger-the-devastating-ripple-effects-of-covid-19/

Read More: https://www.wfpusa.org/stories/during-pandemic-the-most-vulnerable-need-food/

Preemptive Love:

Preemptive Love is responding to the crisis by providing food, medical care, and even jobs to the most vulnerable in Iraq, Syria, and Central and South America. We are inspired by their work and are honored to be working toward the same vision of a better future for all.

We are responding directly to the crisis, providing lifesaving food and medical care, along with essential jobs that people can do anywhere—whether stuck at home by a virus or forced to flee by war.

Because whether it’s being first in when the bombs fall or responding on the frontlines as a pandemic spreads, we are committed to caring for the most vulnerable.”

Read More: https://preemptivelove.org/blog/responding-to-covid-19/


GFEMS is the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery. They believe in their mission to eradicate slavery by making it an unprofitable way to conduct business. In the midst of Covid-19, they have a sharp focus on how this pandemic could change economies in the places they work and increase the potential for modern slavery. Those most vulnerable to becoming slaves, and current victims of slavery and exploitation are their top priority.

“Although very little information is available on the impact of COVID-19 in the developing world, we expect that current victims and those most vulnerable to modern slavery will be severely impacted. In under-resourced communities, massive challenges like the lack of data and shortages of necessary medical supplies and equipment are common. Further, “social distancing” and other WHO recommendations will be difficult in high-density populations where such precautions are not always possible. The impact could be tragic…The Fund’s commitment to the fight against modern slavery is unwavering in the face of these circumstances and we are prepared to respond, adapt, and tackle these challenges head on.”

Read more: https://www.gfems.org/news/2020/4/2/gfems-covid-19-and-impacts-of-the-fight-against-modern-slavery

World Hope International:

World Hope International is an organization dedicated to alleviating poverty through projects that provide clean water, address global health issues, protect human rights, and promote innovation. While continuing to support the populations with which they already work during this crisis, they also partnered with DisasterTech to develop an easy, online way to receive and give support, gathering us together as humans to share resources, help, and hope with those in our local communities.

“Whether you are voluntary or self-quarantine; able-bodied, active, and wanting to help your community; or an organization looking for a way to help your members, the Get-Support tool is built for you.

WHI has partnered with Disaster Tech to design, build, and power this tool that will help us help each other safely, securely, and simply.”

You can learn more about this platform, Get-Support, here: https://get-support.worldhope.org/


In the midst of a virus that affects every one of us in some way, Unicef is keeping its focus on the population it has always supported: children. The most vulnerable among us, our children, often go without food, water, healthcare, and protection in so many parts of our world. Unicef is responding to Covid-19 by staying dedicated to protecting children against the threats that have risen up during this crisis: access to healthcare, clean water and sanitation, solutions to continue learning, food and nutrition, protection from violence and exploitation, and protections for refugee and migrant children affected by conflict.

“Without urgent action, this health crisis risks becoming a child-rights crisis. Disruptions to society have a heavy impact on children: on their safety, their well-being, their future. Only by working together can we keep millions of girls and boys – including those who have been uprooted by conflict, children living with disabilities and girls at risk of violence – healthy, safe and learning.”

Starfish Asia:

Starfish Asia is an organization providing education to underprivileged children in Pakistan. While they do not typically work with food distribution, they’ve pivoted their efforts to meet the most pressing needs arising during this crisis for the people they serve. We see hope in every organization making moves to pivot to the specific needs arising among the populations they serve, seeking to help in any way possible,

Read more: https://starfishasia.com/2020/covid19-emergency-appeal/

Learn more about their response here: https://www.unicef.org/coronavirus/agenda-for-action

All of this is possible because we come together as united humans. We will get through this–together!

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