Meet Komal and Sadaf

Komal and Sadaf are sisters whose other family members became indentured servants in the brickyard. When their father took a “loan” from a brickyard owner to pay for their sisters’ dowry, several of them had to go work in the brickyard to pay off the debt. When our director, Ben, met them in April of 2019, their entire family had been working day and night for a decade to try and repay the owner, but their debt never seemed to be reduced. Meanwhile, their suffering continued to increase.

    Without a radical intervention–or an end to the system entirely–the chances of Komal and Sadaf’s family passing this debt down to their children would be inevitable. This is where All People Free stepped in, raising funds for sewing machines and space rental, then hiring a lawyer to legally pay off their debt. We set up Komal and Sadaf with their own sewing school, which is already a wonderful success! After only 7 months, the students are already making clothing for their families and will graduate soon in February 2020. They’ll leave ready to create their own futures with this necessary skill, generating income to establish their families’ futures. Komal hopes that “after joining the sewing school, now the girls will be able to earn [income] and have a happy life.” All People Free will be gifting each of the girls a sewing machine so they don’t have to find a way to buy one and can begin working right away. This is what your gifts are doing: making a change that will impact the future generations. 

Looking to her future, Komal will be leaving the sewing center to Sadaf and starting a primary school in the nearby brickyard, offering basic education to approximately 35 children who have spent their young lives hand-making bricks. “They also have the right to freedom,” says Komal of those in the brickyards, “they should be free as my father is free now.”

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