Updates from our Recent Trip

  • We are putting together 16 small businesses that will be accessible and sustainable alternative employment for those in the brickyards seeking to get out. 
  • We currently have 10 schools running, and one of those schools has 67 students!
  • There are several teachers teaching at our schools. They each are working to bring our students up through a 5th grade education. We are so grateful for our teachers and proud of the work they are doing!
  • We’ve been able to provide food, uniforms, and school materials including books to our schools to ensure the students receive an education that will help them pursue a life of freedom and happiness.
  • Our sewing schools are doing great! We visited 2 of the 3 schools and talked to several of the girls learning to sew. Approximately 1 in 3 of our sewing students are from the brickyards, going to work early in the morning so they are able to attend sewing classes later in the day. Currently, we don’t have enough sewing machines for all of our students, and we would like to see that change! Our goal is to be able to provide a sewing machine and a micro loan to every student that graduates, setting up with the best possible start as they begin to build a new future!

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