No One Is Free Until All People Are Free

There are over 2,100,000 people enslaved in the brickyards of Pakistan – almost half of them children. It’s time to do something about it.

Modern Day Slavery

In Pakistan, approximately 1,000,000 children are hand-making bricks in devastating conditions to pay off ever-increasing family debts – and they have been since they were 6 years old. The brickyard owners use a system of housing debt and substandard pay to enslave whole families for generations, creating a cycle nearly impossible to escape from.

1 Million
People are enslaved in the brickyards of Pakistan

Whole families have been enslaved for generations due to the vicious cycle of debt and poverty

$ 1
Is the average daily wage in the brickyards.

Brickyard owners charge families more for housing than they pay them in wages, effectively ensuring they never leave the brickyard

1 %
Of working children have never been to school

Without an education, children have no chance to find opportunity outside the brickyards

How do we Free all People?


Pay off an individual or family’s debt to free them from the brickyards


Inspire and activate hope for the future through education and training


Invest in a brickyard to initiate a more efficient, profitable way of making bricks

"For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."

-Nelson Mandela

Join us in this mission by

Educating a Child

Just $50 will provide tuition for a student for 1 year

Educating a brick yard

Start a new School  $5000 (35 students, includes 2 years of tuition for all students) 

investing in a brickyard

Invest in good people and good methods to ensure brickyards are run in a way that is beneficial to the brickyard owners and their employees

Liberating a family

By paying off a family’s debt and setting them up in a business, we can begin the process of empowering them to live free and build a sustainable future

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